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What We Do


NYC Ink is one-stop shop for all your custom tattoo and piercing needs. Our artists are open-minded, professional, and most of all, passionate and dedicated to what they do. We’re a unique collective of born-to-create individuals who want to give you exactly what you want, in the best possible way, at the highest skill available. From your first tattoo to your 6th piercing, we’re all about doing the best work possible. To us, craft and skill come first. 

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Our Services


We offer professional piercings of all kinds and tattoo services from 3 different artists. Check out our work below!

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We specialize in unconventional piercings, but can also help you with a basic piercing.
With a wide variety of surgical steel jewelry, we have you covered.


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[trx_googlemap address="116 MacDougal St New York, New York" style="style1" zoom="16" height="400"]
New York, New York 10012
116 Macdougal Street
Phone: 2129959615
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